[Haskell-cafe] NW Functional Programming Interest Group

Greg Meredith lgreg.meredith at biosimilarity.com
Tue Jun 24 13:18:17 EDT 2008


Apologies for multiple listings.

A small cadre of us, collectively known as the Northwest Functional
Interest Group, have been meeting monthly to discuss all things functional.
Our next meeting is at

The Seattle Public Library
5009 Roosevelt Way N.E. *
Seattle*, WA 98105

from 18:30 - 19:50 on June 25th.

We'd hoped to have Andrew Birkett talk on a Haskell implementation of an
emacs-like editor, but sadly could not secure a meeting venue before
Andrew's flight back to the UK. Maybe we can set up a skype session for a
presentation by Andrew in future. Since it's so late in the game i will step
in and offer a presentation on a compositional representation of graphs i've
been tinkering wit<http://biosimilarity.blogspot.com/2008/06/algebra-of-graphs-individually-and.html>h
-- unless someone has something they'd like to talk about at a moment's

Hope to see you there.

Monadically yours,


L.G. Meredith
Managing Partner
Biosimilarity LLC
806 55th St NE
Seattle, WA 98105

+1 206.650.3740

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