[Haskell-cafe] ieee 754

Sean McLaughlin seanmcl at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 11:37:03 EDT 2008


  I'm considering using Haskell for a numerical application.  However,
I need to rely
on IEEE 754 standards being implemented correctly.  What is the
current state of 754 in Haskell?
The definition has this paragraph, which makes me suspect Haskell is
not appropriate for this

"The default floating point operations defined by the Haskell Prelude
do not conform to current language independent arithmetic (LIA)
standards. These standards require considerably more complexity in the
numeric structure and have thus been relegated to a library. Some, but
not all, aspects of the IEEE floating point standard have been
accounted for in Prelude class RealFloat."

Thank you,


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