[Haskell-cafe] This is a bug?

Malcolm Wallace malcolm.wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Fri Jun 20 03:56:53 EDT 2008

> How I solve this issue when call "readXml":
>> in <score-partwise>, In a sequence:
>> in <part>, In a sequence:
>>   in <measure>, Too many elements inside <measure> at
>>   file ../../../parsers/elite2.xml  at line 75 col 15
>>   Found excess:

So, your XML document contains a <score-partwise>, which contains a  
sequence of <part>, at least one of which contains a sequence of  
<measure>.  But the <measure> at line 75 does not match the declared  
DTD.  The non-conforming text appears to be pure whitespace, which  
does seem a little odd.  This could be a bug in the HaXml parser, but  
it is hard to know for sure without seeing both the DTD and the  
failing file.  Can you send them to me (not to the list)?


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