[Haskell-cafe] message passing style like in Haskell?

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Fri Jun 20 01:57:58 EDT 2008

"Albert Y. C. Lai" <trebla at vex.net> writes:

>> While we are kind of on this topic, what makes the characters ħ þ
>> prefix operator by default, while º and most other odd ones infix?

> alphanumeric vs non-alphanumeric

Testing this, I find that isAlpha is True also for 'º', but as the OP
claims, Haskell will use it as a(n infix) symbol.  Neither does
isSymbol (all False), isLetter (all True), isMark (False), nor
isPunctuation (Fals) help to separate these.

The HR defines 

    uniSymbol 	 -> 	 any Unicode symbol or punctuation 

but I couldn't find any clear way to identify of these.

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