[Haskell-cafe] Lambda and closures in PHP -- could someone please comment?

PR Stanley prstanley at ntlworld.com
Wed Jun 18 13:28:39 EDT 2008

         At 18:17 18/06/2008, you wrote:

>PR Stanley wrote:
> >
> >
> >>PR Stanley wrote:
> >> >
> >> > [...]
> >> >
> >> > Paul: I rest my case! :-)
> >> > you cowardly hypocrit!
> >
> > Paul: Why did you remove Jonathan Cast's message? Afraid somebody
> > might understand why I responded the way I did?
> >
> >> >
> >>Please take your own advice now, and rest your case. Like it or not (I
> >>most people do like it), haskell-cafe has norms of behaviour that make it
> >>different to many pl mailing lists. Your sarky comments would have gone
> >>unnoticed if they had been accompanied with something constructive. Name
> >>calling is out.
> > Paul: and who the bloody hell are you to tell me what's in or out? If
> > you want the matter to rest then shut up yourself. I'm getting sick
> > of you hypocrites who allow yourselves the audacity to attack me,
> > totally gratuitously, yet when I try to defend myself you take the
> > moral high ground. Tell me, why did you remove Jonathan Cast's
> > message? Is he too big for you? Why don't you tell all the other
> > people who have been busy attacking me to modify their language? Are
> > you afraid of upsetting the Haskell Cafe Mafia?
> > Well, guess what, you damn thugs, I 'aint taking this lying down.
> > You come back with more and I'll give you even more!
> >
>I snipped Jonathan's message just because I was commenting on the tone of
>your response. Sorry if you think I presented your reply out of context, but
>my point is that I don't think there is any need for this in any context
>here. I do have a right to say that, even as someone who hardly ever posts
>but prefers to read the list...it's owned by everybody. This isn't the same
>thing as censorship and you'll notice I said norms, not rules of behaviour.
>No one's going to stop you making yourself look silly if you insist on doing
>it. As for Jonathan being too big for me, erm, who is he again? :-)
Paul: So, now I am silly! I'd still prefer that to a coward and a hypocrite

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