[Haskell-cafe] Lambda and closures in PHP -- could someone please comment?

PR Stanley prstanley at ntlworld.com
Wed Jun 18 12:52:42 EDT 2008

>PR Stanley wrote:
> >
> > [...]
> >
> > Paul: I rest my case! :-)
> > you cowardly hypocrit!

Paul: Why did you remove Jonathan Cast's message? Afraid somebody 
might understand why I responded the way I did?

> >
>Please take your own advice now, and rest your case. Like it or not (I think
>most people do like it), haskell-cafe has norms of behaviour that make it
>different to many pl mailing lists. Your sarky comments would have gone
>unnoticed if they had been accompanied with something constructive. Name
>calling is out.
Paul: and who the bloody hell are you to tell me what's in or out? If 
you want the matter to rest then shut up yourself. I'm getting sick 
of you hypocrites who allow yourselves the audacity to attack me, 
totally gratuitously, yet when I try to defend myself you take the 
moral high ground. Tell me, why did you remove Jonathan Cast's 
message? Is he too big for you? Why don't you tell all the other 
people who have been busy attacking me to modify their language? Are 
you afraid of upsetting the Haskell Cafe Mafia?
Well, guess what, you damn thugs, I 'aint taking this lying down.
You come back with more and I'll give you even more!

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