[Haskell-cafe] send in material for the HWN!

Brent Yorgey byorgey at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 14:46:27 EDT 2008

Hi all,

Do you know of a blog post about Haskell that wasn't syndicated on Planet
Haskell?  Do you have a Haskell-related story to tell or announcement to
make?  Do you have a link to some great pictures from the latest
meetup/hackathon/talk/conference?  A funny story about Don Stewart?

If so, consider submitting it to the Haskell Weekly News.  The HWN isn't
really about Haskell so much as it is about the Haskell *community* -- and
that means you!

In addition to the above sorts of submissions, I am also thinking of adding
a "Community News" section with announcements of
(not-necessarily-Haskell-related) major events in the lives of community
members -- but obviously this depends on submissions, so if you get a new
job/move/start a new company/graduate/increment your age/have a comet named
after you/bring forth a new life (aka future Haskeller) into the world,
please share, and let the community celebrate with you!

Submissions can be sent to byorgey at seas dot upenn dot edu.  Be sure to
include "HWN" in the subject line.  For now I'm planning to put an issue out
every Wednesday afternoon, so the submission deadline is Wednesday at 11am
GMT (6am Eastern US).

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