[Haskell-cafe] Announce: Fortress talk in New York City

Jan-Willem Maessen jmaessen at alum.mit.edu
Fri Jun 13 11:14:22 EDT 2008

On Jun 13, 2008, at 10:43 AM, Bayley, Alistair wrote:

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>>> There will be a talk on Fortress...
>>> ---
>>> This e-mail may contain confidential and/or privileged information.
>> You send potentially confidential information to a public
>> mailing list?
> I realise this is tongue-in-cheek...
>>  Is this new language secret? :-)
> .. but I'm not so sure about this. If this is a serious question, here
> are some links:
>  http://research.sun.com/projects/plrg/
>  http://research.sun.com/projects/plrg/Publications/index.html
>  http://projectfortress.sun.com/Projects/Community

Let me assure the readers there's nothing confidential or privileged  
about Christine's talk! :-)  It is, after all, an open source project.

-Jan-Willem Maessen
  Project Fortress, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
  [who will be off teaching Fortress in Prague at the time]

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