[Haskell-cafe] installing happy 1.17

Thomas Hartman tphyahoo at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 12:13:18 EDT 2008

I had a problem installing happy 1.17 (same result with happy head).
This appears to be required for installing happs-hsp-template via
cabal install.

thanks for any advice!



thartman at thartman-laptop:~/haskellInstalls/smallInstalls>darcs get
--partial http://darcs.haskell.org/happy/
Copying patch 87 of 87... done.
Applying patch 86 of 86... done.
Finished getting.

thartman at thartman-laptop:~/haskellInstalls/smallInstalls>cd happy

thartman at thartman-laptop:~/haskellInstalls/smallInstalls/happy>runghc
Setup.lhs configure

Setup.lhs:30:43: Not in scope: `buildVerbose'
thartman at thartman-laptop:~/haskellInstalls/smallInstalls/happy>cabal --version
cabal-install version 0.4.9
using version 1.3.12 of the Cabal library
thartman at thartman-laptop:~/haskellInstalls/smallInstalls/happy>ghc-pkg
list | grep -i cabal
    Cabal-, Cabal-1.3.11, Cabal-1.3.12, Cabal-1.5.2,

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