[Haskell-cafe] Teaching Monads

Miguel Mitrofanov miguelimo38 at yandex.ru
Sat Jun 7 09:35:21 EDT 2008

On 7 Jun 2008, at 08:05, Ronald Guida wrote:

> What made monads "click" for me is when I understood the following
> things:

Well, in case anybody's interested, I didn't know anything about  
monads before I tried to read the book "Toposes theory" (not sure  
about the exact name, I've read it in Russian) by P.T. Johnstone. It's  
Chapter 0 contained some facts about monads without proofs or even  
definitions. I've looked for some definitions in Mathematical  
Encyclopedia, asked one of my professors about other ones, tried to  
prove all results in this chapter by myself (successfully), and,  
suddenly, found out that I understand what monads are.

Then, while reading YAHT, I've thought a bit, then realized, that  
Haskell monads are the same beast I already know (I didn't know about  
Kleisli triples before), and everything was clear.

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