[Haskell-cafe] Analysing music

Murray murray at sonology.net
Thu Jun 5 19:37:11 EDT 2008

> What I need is basically one view of the data as list of used chords,
> and one graph of all possible time-linear progressions... that is,
> voices, for a definition of "voice" that makes the guitarist in me
> shudder.
> Seems like I'm going to make close acquaintance with fgl, after all.

Sorry if this is too far off-topic but have you seen this?


I’ve yet to dig into the paper but it looks kind of fun.

Clarence Barlow has an interesting algorithm for generating stochastic
musical data with “harmonicity” being one of the parameters.  It is
implemented in an Atari ST (there’s *got* to be a better way!)
programme called Autobusk

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