[Haskell-cafe] getting set up in ubuntu

Ketil Malde ketil at malde.org
Thu Jun 5 03:47:38 EDT 2008

"Martin DeMello" <martindemello at gmail.com> writes:

> Any Ubuntu people care to share their experiences? 

Ask, and ye shall receive..at least some kind of answer.

> I'm especially looking for guidelines on what to install via apt-get
> and what to install independently. 

I'd get as much as possible via apt-get, and only install manually
when that fails.

Libraries - which is probably what you will need most often, have
names that start with 'libghc6'.  For the whole list:

  apt-cache search libghc6

To see what the package is about, use e.g.: 

  apt-cache show libghc6-quickcheck-dev

There are (usually?) three packages for each library, -dev, -doc, and
-prof. Unless you have very little diskspace or a thin network
connection, get them all, e.g:

  sudo apt-get install libghc6-quickcheck-\*

You are then set up to unit-test your code.

> Also, while I'm making Major Life Changes I might as well check out
> xmonad :) If anyone has made the switch from fluxbox, do share how it
> went.

You're basically leaving it all (window management, icons, trays,
whatever) behind, so it doesn't matter much what you switch from.

  sudo apt-get install xmonad

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