[Haskell-cafe] Installing Haskore under Windows

David dfkettle at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 09:38:34 EDT 2008


I'm currently running ghc under Windows XP and want to play around
with Haskore, but I'm a little confused about how to install it, or if
it's even possible to use it with ghc. The 'readme' file contains this

"Note that the file ghc_add/IOExtensions.hs is a partial replacement of
a library file of the same name under Hugs.  It does not work yet on
Windows/GHC (where one has to distinguish between binary and text IO)."

Does this mean I have to use Hugs rather than ghc? I have both Hugs
and ghc installed, but I'd prefer to use ghc if possible.

In either case, I find the install instructions (for Haskore, that is)
a little confusing, probably because I'm also new to Haskell. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.


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