[Haskell-cafe] Re: [ANNOUNCE] git-darcs-import 0.1

apfelmus apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Wed Jun 4 06:00:34 EDT 2008

Peter Hercek wrote:
> But what about this git rebasing option? How to do it more easily
>  (than the solution I know and I described it later) in darcs?
> using "git-rebase --onto master next topic" to get from:
>     o---o---o---o---o  master
>          \
>           o---o---o---o---o  next
>                            \
>                             o---o---o  topic
> to:
>     o---o---o---o---o  master
>         |            \
>         |             o'--o'--o'  topic
>          \
>           o---o---o---o---o  next
> This is the reason why I mentioned reordering depending patches AB
>  to BA (with manual conflict resolution) would be needed in darcs
>  to support (I believe a better) alternative to git rebase.

I don't understand (probably because I haven't use either dvcs).

Either the changes in the  next->topic  path don't depend on the changes 
in the  fork->next  path. Then, the patches commute and it's no problem 
for darcs.

Or the  next->topic  path relies on features from  next  that are not 
present in  master . But then, you're screwed anyway and should merge 
some parts from  next  into  master  so as to advance the point where 
master  and  next  fork.

      o---o---o---o---o  master
            x---x---o---o---o  next
                              o---o---o  topic

(Of course, you don't actually advance the fork but rather add patches 
at the end of  master  . Hm, set of patches semantics seem to be a lot 
nicer here anyway. To me, the whole point of rebasing seems to be to 
somehow bring set semantics into the tree semantics.)


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