[Haskell-cafe] HDBC-odbc fixes Windows linking problems

Greg Matheson greg at momotaro.chinmin.edu.tw
Wed Jun 4 05:03:17 EDT 2008

On Wed, 04 Jun 2008, Andrew Appleyard wrote:

> >Prelude Database.HDBC Database.HDBC.ODBC> handleSqlError $ conn <- 
> >connectODBC "dictation"
> ><interactive>:1:0: Parse error in pattern

> Try:

>   conn <- handleSqlError $ connectODBC "dictation"

dictation: user error (SQL error: SqlError {seState = "[\"IM002\",\"01S00\"]", s
eNativeError = -1, seErrorMsg = "connectODBC/sqlDriverConnect: [\"0: [Microsoft]
[ODBC \\197X\\176\\202\\181{\\166\\161\\186\\222\\178z\\173\\251] \\167\\228\\16
,\"0: [Microsoft][ODBC \\197X\\176\\202\\181{\\166\\161\\186\\222\\178z\\173\\25
1] \\181L\\174\\196\\170\\186\\179s\\189u\\166r\\166\\234\\196\\221\\169\\202\"]

ghc can't handle Chinese Big5, it appears, but HDBC also does appear
to be talking ODBC.

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