[Haskell-cafe] Wouter-style expressions

Wouter Swierstra wss at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Wed Jun 4 04:22:06 EDT 2008

Hi Ron,

I've attached a revised file that solves your problem.

The solution is actually quite subtle. If you define the class as:

class Functor f => Printable f where
  exprDoc :: f t -> Doc

you can't make recursive calls to sub-expressions. There is, after  
all, no reason to believe that "t" is Printable. The following choice  
of class is better:

class Functor f => Printable f where
   exprDoc :: Printable g => f (Expr g) -> Doc

Now when you define the instance for And, you can safely make  
recursive calls to the list of subchildren.

To define the function you want, just add a wrapper to exprDoc:

ppExpr : Printable f => Expr f -> Doc
ppExpr (In t) = exprDoc t

All the best,


PS - You may want to add:

infixr 6 :+:

to you code. It'll save you a lot of parentheses!

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