[Haskell-cafe] Re: hmatrix

Alberto Ruiz aruiz at um.es
Tue Jun 3 03:27:54 EDT 2008

Anatoly Yakovenko wrote:
>>> do you have any plans to provide an interface for inplace updates?
>> Yes, I will try to write a simple version of Data.Array.ST...
> I can try to help you, although I still dont quite grok monads.
> Wouldn't it be more efficient to use StorableArray, so you can cast
> from and to C?  I am not sure how vectors and matrixes are represented
> in C, but I imagine it should be possible to manipulate them without
> resorting to copying between haskell and C.
That's right, the correspondence with StorableArray is direct, and 
efficient conversion can be easily added to the library. I mentioned the 
idea of Data.Array.ST to have also the possibility of writing pure code, 
without IO, internally implemented with inplace updates.


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