[Haskell-cafe] Ghc / cgi static linking

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sun Jun 1 21:31:00 EDT 2008

> On 02/06/2008, at 5:26 AM, Don Stewart wrote:
> >pieter:
> >Yes, it is entirely possible to statically link entire CGI apps.
> You might want to watch out for a bug in GHC 6.8.2 that means GHC's "- 
> static" flag doesn't work. (At least for me, at least on Debian: the "- 
> lpthread" flag is passed before the "-lrt" one, and symbols are left  
> unresolved as a result.) Apparently the near-to-release 6.8.3 will fix  
> this issue.
> Presumably dons is using a more recent GHC than 6.8.2, or other (BSD?)  
> platforms are not affected.

Yeah, that's the case.
> Note also you may have to tweak sundry .cabal files to add "extra- 
> libraries" fields. As an example, I added this to HSQL's PostgreSQL  
> backend to get it to statically link:
> extra-libraries: pq, crypt, pthread
> (If anyone cares you need to build PostgreSQL without kerberos as that  
> doesn't seem to statically link any more.)

Hey Pete,

Can you add these caveats to the wiki page?


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