[Haskell-cafe] Ghc / cgi static linking

Pieter Laeremans pieter at laeremans.org
Sun Jun 1 18:18:36 EDT 2008


I'm researching the use of Haskell to replace some perl scripts (in a web app).
The app is deployed with a webhosting provider.

CGI scripts can be executed =>  I can use Haskell. I've tried some
hello world cgi scripts, compiled them on the same linux
the hosting company uses and deployed them. It worked!

But I would like to implement a search feature for the website.  For
Java/php/perl there 's lucene.
For haskell there 's holumbus. Unfortunately, sqlite is a requirement
for holumbus. It is not installed at the server of the
hosting company.

Is it possible to staticly link the sqlite3 library using ghc ?

And are there other lucene like libs available like holumbus for haskell ?

thanks in advance,


Pieter Laeremans <pieter at laeremans.org>

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