[Haskell-cafe] [Haskell Beginner] Compiling wxhaskell fails for me

Daniel Kahlenberg d.kahlenberg at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 28 05:49:20 EDT 2008


I try to build the current wxhaskell stuff from the darcs repository
on the sh provided by msys with mingw32 (`uname -a' : MINGW32_NT-5.1
... 1.0.11(0.46/3/2) 2007-01-12 12:05 i686 Msys), but it fails with
the message `wx/graphics.h' isn't found, when it comes to build the
wxc part.

On the wxhaskell site they advice to use the 2.6.x version of the
wxWidgets distribution, which I followed so far. The tool call which
sets the wxversion variable (`wx-config --version') is executed and
returns 2.6.4. The searched hosted graphics.h as I determined seems
available as part of the 2.8.x version of wxwidgets at first.

Now my question: Why does the build process search for it, especially
how do I get it to succeed. Would I have to use the 2.8.x version
against the recommendation? Has anyone of you successfully built the
recommended version of the bindings, if yes - how? Could you share?
Did I forget to build something on the wxwidgets side?

Thank you so far

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