[Haskell-cafe] beginners mailing list should be beginner's choice

Dan Weston westondan at imageworks.com
Mon Jul 21 13:48:39 EDT 2008

Just to avoid any misunderstanding...

I am certain that C.M. Brown meant to say "CC'ed the Haskell-beginners 
mailing list" instead of "moved", but I think it's worth emphasizing 
that the new beginners list was ostensibly created for various discussed 
reasons, but all to provide a more tailored forum for beginners, not to 
restrict participation on haskell-cafe. Words like "move" could sound to 
a beginner like a dismissal or demotion.

(This policy is clearly different from the haskell list, which has a 
much stronger collegially-enforced moderation policy limited to 

I would hate to think that people on the beginners list might worry that 
their questions were not "good enough" to join the "grown-ups" on 
haskell-cafe. I think CC'ing to beginners is hint enough, and soon 
enough people will choose the best forum for their comfort level.


C.M.Brown wrote:
> Hi Fernando,
> I hope you don't mind, but I've moved this over to the Haskell-beginners
> mailing list, where I think this kind of question will be more
> appropriate.

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