[Haskell-cafe] uvector and the stream interface

Roman Leshchinskiy rl at cse.unsw.edu.au
Mon Jul 14 23:32:47 EDT 2008

stefan kersten wrote:
> (2) personally i much prefer the list-like interface provided by the 
> stream-fusion powered libraries (ndp, uvector, vector). can't the 
> stream-fusion framework and correspondingly the vector interface be 
> separated from the memory representation, provided a particular concrete 
> representation comes up with a stream/unstream pair? then it would be 
> easy to swap out the underlying representation according to the required 
> characteristics.

The vector library does this. The problem is that just stream/unstream 
isn't sufficient to get good performance. In fact, stream fusion alone 
is suboptimal for many array algorithms since it can't handle array 
operations which require random access. In particular, it isn't enough 
for DPH. We need a more powerful framework which, hopefully, will also 
be useful for non-DPH arrays.


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