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Fri Jul 11 03:14:57 EDT 2008

Hello Marc.

I've been distracted with the Kiwi project (parallel C# programs to hardware) and right now a Bluespec project so I've not made any progress on a merge of the Lava I produced for designing circuits (with layout) for Xilinx's FPGAs and the Chalmers version (which I recommend for situations where you don't care about circuit layout or when you don't want to use FPGA architecture specific features). The version of Lava on my website at http://raintown.org/lava/  still builds under the current version of ghc and it provides support for generating Xilinx EDIF netlists that supports the basic FPGA circuit building blocks. If you need things like ODDRs etc. which appear in the new FPGAs then you have to either add them yourself (not too difficult) or wait for me to do it :)



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