[Haskell-cafe] Re: ANN: Gtk2Hs 0.9.13 released

Peter Gavin pgavin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 14:27:02 EDT 2008

Ashley Yakeley wrote:
> Peter Gavin wrote:
>> Gtk2Hs version 0.9.13 is now available. [1]
>> New features:
>>      * bindings for Gnome VFS and GStreamer
> Is this bindings for the new GIO/GVFS stuff?

No, its for the old GnomeVFS binding.  I may get around to the binding 
the new one, unless someone else wants to do it :)

> Is Gtk2Hs cabal-ised?

Not yet, but it's planned.  The things we need from cabal to do it 
aren't finished yet, and every .chs file needs to be rewritten to work 
with the real c2hs, rather than our hacked up version :)


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