[Haskell-cafe] Anglo Haskell 2008

Matthew Sackman matthew at wellquite.org
Tue Jul 1 08:15:47 EDT 2008

Anglo Haskell is a gathering of all people Haskell-related from
beginners, to seasoned hackers to academic giants. All and more are
welcomed by large fuzzy green lambdas.

Anglo Haskell has happened for the last two years and we see no reason
why it should not happen again this year. For the last two years they've
tended to have talks on Fridays and then Other Things on the Saturday
(including Punting and Group Hacking, some or more of which may have
happened in Pubs). We're proposing the same general format this year.

In contrast to the last two years which have been held at MSR Cambridge
(UK), we're this year proposing to hold the event at Imperial College,
London. London is probably easier to get to and from (though more
tedious to get across) than Cambridge and we hope this will attract
people who previously have not been able to get out to Cambridge.

The proposed dates are Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th of August.

More details are available on the wikipage:
Please feel free to add to this page.

If you're at all interested in coming along then please add your name to
the wikipage. If you're interested in giving a talk - on literally
anything Haskell related: this is not a solely theory day or solely a
practical day; anything goes which is Haskell related - then similarly
add yourself to the list of speakers.

Schedule and other details will be confirmed soon. Lodging, travel and
all other related matters will be discussed on the irc channel (and will
eventually migrate to the wikipage) #anglohaskell.

If you're free that weekend then please come along! Also, if you'd
really like to come but can't make those dates and there are many of you
then please shout loudly and things could potentially be moved, though
with the lack of time left before the event, we'd prefer to avoid this.


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