[Haskell-cafe] ffi and pass by value structs

Adam Langley agl at imperialviolet.org
Wed Jan 30 12:48:21 EST 2008

On Jan 30, 2008 5:16 AM, Federico Squartini
<federico.squartini at googlemail.com> wrote:
> foreign import ccall "print_couple_ptr" printCouple::Ptr Couple->IO Int
> But not the first, as a struct it's not an atomic type.
> So how does one solve this issue?

(This applies to x86-64 only!)

In the case of your struct couple, I believe that it's small enough
that it will be passed in registers:

> 1. If the size of an object is larger than two eightbytes, or it contains unaligned
>   fields, it has class MEMORY.

However, it's larger than this the C compiler will actually call
memcpy to make a copy before calling the function with a pointer to
the copy on the parent's stack.

With the Haskell FFI, the portable solution is probably to write a
very simple wrapper .c file which takes a pointer and calls the real
function with the contents of that pointer. Then you just call your
wrapper function. You can make these functions by the dozen with the


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