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> Verswyvelen
> As a newbie I made a nice little program that called readFile 
> and writeFile on the same filename, but of course the file 
> handle of the readFile was not closed yet => access denied. A 
> nice case of getting bitten by my imperative background.
> So I guess hGet/hGetNonBlocking/ByteString is also the 
> correct way to solve this?

More than one person has posted previously about the flaws and traps of lazy IO. A common position seems to be "don't do lazy IO".

Peter Simons has this library:

BTW, where's the tutorial that Peter wrote?

And there are other IO libraries out there. Bulat has done a lot of work on stream IO, I recall.

> PS: I would love to see an immutable filesystem that does not 
> allow writing to files, it only creates new files and garbage 
> collects files that have no incoming reference anymore... 
> Just like a garbage collected heap, and a bit like an OLAP 
> databases (as far as I remember my DB theory...) Besides the 
> performance bottleneck, does something like that exists?

This might interest you:

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