[Haskell-cafe] "data" and classes question

Chaim Friedman cfriedman at z-combinator.net
Tue Jan 29 11:26:25 EST 2008


I had a question about type classes and data types. I want to create one 
class that has a function which depends upon a parameter from another 
class. I would assume that this can be done, but I can't seem to write 
code that does it. Can anybody tell me what is wrong? Here is an example 
of what I want to work:

module Main where

class Change c
class State st where
   transitions :: (Change c) => st -> [(c, st)]

data BinState = On | Off
data BinChange = OnToOff | OffToOn

-- get a list of (transition, newState) pairs:
--binTransitions :: BinState -> [(BinChange, BinState)] -- doesn't work
--binTransitions :: (State state, Change change) => state ->
--                  [(change, state)] -- doesn't work
--binTransitions :: (State state1, State state2, Change change) =>
--                  state1 -> [(change, state2)] -- doesn't work
binTransitions On  = [(OnToOff, Off)]
binTransitions Off = [(OffToOn, On)]

instance Change BinChange
instance State BinState where
   transitions = binTransitions

main = putStrLn "success."

-- Thanks,
-- -Chaim

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