[Haskell-cafe] How to make GHC 6.6 and 6.8 co-exist -- was: First go at reactive programming

Tim Docker twd2 at dockerz.net
Tue Jan 29 01:15:22 EST 2008

stevelihn wrote:
> In my brief experience with Ocaml's GODI, GODI has a way to specify
> them in a so-called config package. The install package then reads
> what it needs from the config package. In perl's CPAN shell, you can
> specify them in the cpan config file (to some extent).
> I suggest cabal-install looks into this so that moving from one
> version to another is indeed painless. 6.8.(1|2) is never the last
> Haskell version. The fact that Cabal records the 3rd digit version in
> the path indicates a diligent user has to re-install all the packages
> on every new 3rd-digit dot release. That is a lot of work!

I like this idea (and  I suggested it previously :-)


It would also potentially solve problems with win32 versus unix
installations also. Of course, suggesting is the easy bit...


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