[Haskell-cafe] anybody can tell me the pronuncation of "haskell"?

Tim Chevalier catamorphism at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 21:51:25 EST 2008

On 1/28/08, Anton van Straaten <anton at appsolutions.com> wrote:
> Tim Chevalier wrote:
> > I suppose you would really want to ask Haskell Curry how *he*
> > pronounced his name, but it's a bit late for that.
> Someone could ask Alonzo Church, Jr. how his one-time date pronounced
> her father's name:
> http://importantshock.wordpress.com/2007/08/21/haskell-curry-yes-i-dated-his-daughter/

That is an excellent blog post, but according to one of the comments,
Alonzo Church, Jr. is also no longer with us.


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