[Haskell-cafe] Enterprise Haskell AMQP library initial start and would like to pass it off to someone.

Paul Johnson paul at cogito.org.uk
Sun Jan 27 05:54:16 EST 2008

Don Stewart wrote:
> berlin.brown:
>> I started a AMQP library; there really isn't a lot there but at least
>> I was able to connect to the server.  Here is the code and hopefully
>> someone else can continue with the project. 
> Thanks!
> Would you like this packaged up for hackage.haskell.org, so others can
> find and improve it? (or maybe move the repo to code.haskell.org?
As I said in an earlier message to Haskell Cafe, I've been working on 
AMQP as well.  Berlin's approach seems to have been to hand-code a 
minimum client and then expand from there, whereas I have been working 
on an automatic translation from the XML protocol spec to the framing 
layer of AMQP.  The two efforts ought to be merged, although I haven't 
got the content message type implemented yet.

I believe I have a Haskell.org account, although I'm not sure how to use 
darcs with it.  Perhaps Don could advise me on the steps I would need to 
take to get my code into a repository on the server.


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