[Haskell-cafe] Re: HList error with hFoldr

Denis Bueno dbueno at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 11:03:33 EST 2008

On Sat, Jan 26, 2008 at 1:59 AM,  <oleg at okmij.org> wrote:
[snip useful explanation of error}
> Here's a
>  bit elaborated example:

Thanks! this works, and I understand why it didn't before.

The example I posted was a stepping stone toward a definition of
distance using hFoldr and hZip.  I've updated "testApplyDistSum" so
that it mirrors the structure of what I want, and it compiles, but the
general case does not.  (As an aside: I'm not quite sure whether the
constraints in the MetricSpace (HCons e l) f instance are correct, but
they seem so.)

Have I made some sort of simple error, or am I going about this the
wrong way altogether?

{- CODE -}
import HList

instance (Floating f, MetricSpace e f, HList l, HZip l l l
         ,HFoldr ApplyDistSum Float l f)
         => MetricSpace (HCons e l) f where
    c `dist` c' = hFoldr ApplyDistSum (0::Float) (hZip c c')

-- The following works:
testApplyDistSum = hFoldr ApplyDistSum 0
                   (hZip ("2 " .*. (2.0::Float) .*. (4::Int) .*. hNil)
                    ("1" .*. (1.5::Float) .*. (5::Int) .*. hNil))

-- The following issues a compile error, with no useful source location:
testDistInst =
    let a = (1::Int) .*. (2::Int) .*. (4::Int) .*. hNil
        b = (1::Int) .*. (2::Int) .*. (3::Int) .*. hNil
    in a `dist` b
Line 1 of Knn.hs is a comment.
    Couldn't match expected type `Int'
           against inferred type `(Int, Int)'
      Expected type: HCons Int (HCons Int HNil)
      Inferred type: HCons (Int, Int) l
    When using functional dependencies to combine
      HZip (HCons hx tx) (HCons hy ty) (HCons (hx, hy) l),
        arising from the instance declaration at <no location info>
        (HCons Int (HCons Int HNil))
        (HCons Int (HCons Int HNil))
        (HCons Int (HCons Int HNil)),
        arising from a use of `dist'

class (Num i) => MetricSpace e i where
    dist :: e -> e -> i

instance Num i => MetricSpace Int i where
    x `dist` y = fromIntegral $ abs (y - x)

instance Num i => MetricSpace Integer i where
    x `dist` y = fromIntegral $ abs (y - x)

instance (Floating o) => MetricSpace Float o where
    x `dist` y = realToFrac $ abs (y - x)

instance (Num o) => MetricSpace String o where
    x `dist` y = fromIntegral $ abs (length y - length x)

data ApplyDistSum = ApplyDistSum
instance (MetricSpace e r) => Apply ApplyDistSum ((e, e), r) r where
    apply _ (p, v) = v + (uncurry dist p)^2


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