[Haskell-cafe] NDP

Stephan Friedrichs stephan.friedrichs at tu-bs.de
Fri Jan 25 13:10:32 EST 2008

Hi all,

is someone familiar with compiling ndp (nested data parallel Haskell), 
"Speed with less convenience"-version?

I followed the guide at 
http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Data_Parallel_Haskell/PackageNDP but 
executing "make" in the examples directory issues the following error:

(.text+0x8d5): undefined reference to 

manually compiling the dotp example on the link mentioned above doesn't 
work either:


(.data+0x5c): undefined reference to 
DotP.o: In function `sz3_srt':
(.data+0x88): undefined reference to 
DotP.o: In function `sz3_srt':
(.data+0x8c): undefined reference to 
/home/sfriedrichs/ghc/rts/libHSrts.a(Main.o): In function `real_main':
Main.c:(.text+0x12): undefined reference to `__stginit_ZCMain'
Main.c:(.text+0x2c): undefined reference to `ZCMain_main_closure'

Does someone know, what's wrong? I'm using ghc-6.9.20080124 as source 
base (which compiled and works just fine).



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  - Dieter Nuhr

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