[Haskell-cafe] Yi and Data.ByteString

Cetin Sert cetin.sert at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 19:39:33 EST 2008

-- Yi

that's the error message I got following the instructions on

setup: At least the following dependencies are missing:
    fingertree -any
make: *** [dist/setup-config] Error 1

Where can I get fingertree from? Do I need a specific version of this

-- Data.ByteString

Where can I read more about GHC options like -XOverloadedStrings or this "::
ByteString" type declaration?

I did not know ByteString was less performant than a linked list of
characters. It is used even in the language shootout benchmark programs.


On 21/01/2008, pierre <k.pierre.k at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 07:12:26PM +0100, Cetin Sert wrote:
> > 2) When if ever is Data.ByteString going to be the default string
> > representation in GHC?
> Why would you need such a thing? ByteStrings don't have any unicode
> support, and they can be quite slow for small strings. They are just a
> different tool for different task.
> But if you wish, you could use string literals as bytestrings with
> -XOverloadedStrings ghc (>=6.8) flag
> > Best Regards,
> > Cetin Sert
> > www.corsis.de
> --
> pierre
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