[Haskell-cafe] Re: need help for cabal-install

Steve Lihn stevelihn at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 10:15:52 EST 2008

I got the latest cabal. The stack overflow is fixed. But the install
command still does not work (on a very simple package). Attached is
the verbose output. It does not like to proceed somewhere between
configure and build. But the verbose is not telling why!

I also attached my cabal dance with exactly the same configure options.
/home2/ecoin/garden> cabal install -v HTTP-Simple
/home2/ecoin/ghc/bin/ghc --numeric-version
looking for package tool: ghc-pkg near compiler in /home2/ecoin/ghc/bin
found package tool in /home2/ecoin/ghc/bin/ghc-pkg
/home2/ecoin/ghc/bin/ghc-pkg --version
/home2/ecoin/ghc/bin/ghc -c /tmp/tmp26702.c -o /tmp/tmp26702.o
/usr/bin/ld -x -r /tmp/tmp26702.o -o /tmp/tmp26703.o
Reading installed packages...
/home2/ecoin/ghc/bin/ghc-pkg list --global --user
'HTTP-Simple-0.1' is cached.
Extracting /home2/ecoin/.cabal/packages/hackage.haskell.org/HTTP-Simple/0.1/HTTP
 -Simple-0.1.tar.gz to /tmp/TMPHTTP-Simple-0.1...
Creating dist/setup (and its parents)
/home2/ecoin/ghc/bin/ghc --make Setup.lhs -o dist/setup/setup -odir
dist/setup -  hidir dist/setup
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( Setup.lhs, dist/setup/Main.o )
Linking dist/setup/setup ...
dist/setup/setup configure --verbose=2 --ghc --prefix=/home2/ecoin/htools --user
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
Configuring HTTP-Simple-0.1...
Warning: No build-type specified. If possible use build-type: Simple
Preprocessing library HTTP-Simple-0.1...
Building HTTP-Simple-0.1...
[1 of 1] Compiling Network.HTTP.Simple ( Network/HTTP/Simple.hs,
dist/build/Netw  ork/HTTP/Simple.o )
/usr/bin/ar: creating dist/build/libHSHTTP-Simple-0.1.a
Installing: /home2/ecoin/htools/lib/HTTP-Simple-0.1/ghc-6.6.1
Registering HTTP-Simple-0.1...
Reading package info from "dist/installed-pkg-config" ... done.
Saving old package config file... done.
Writing new package config file... done.

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