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On 2008.01.19 17:30:50 +0000, Jon Harrop <jon at ffconsultancy.com> scribbled 0.2K characters:
> Is it possible to get throwback of inferred types into Emacs or an IDE for
> Haskell?
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> Dr Jon D Harrop, Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd.

Sure. I once hacked together quite a while ago a little function for haskell-mode which looked like:

| (defun getHaskellFunctionTypeSignature ()
|   (interactive)
|   (progn
|     (setq file-name buffer-file-name)
|     (setq functionName (thing-at-point 'word))
|     (shell-command (concat "echo :t " functionName " | ghci -v0 -cpp -fglasgow-exts -w " file-name "|grep " functionName) t)))
| (global-set-key "\C-c\l" 'getHaskellFunctionTypeSignature)

And I think haskell-mode has a better way of doing things somewhere in its inf-haskell.el.

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