[Haskell-cafe] Reflection.Emit in Haskell

Martin Lütke prionic at gmx.de
Fri Jan 18 00:23:27 EST 2008

Cetin Sert schrieb:
> As a .NET (C#/F#) programmer learning Haskell, I would love to know 
> the best online sources about run-time compilation etc. like 
> Reflection.Emit in .NET. I am making heavy use of this .NET API to 
> compile customized (regular-expressions-) FSAs at run-time and want to 
> learn how I might achieve the same in Haskell. Book or online article 
> references specific to this issue will be highly appreciated ^_^
I am not familiar with C# but I think what you looking for is the GHC 
api which allows you to compile haskell expressions at runtime. Look for 
metaplug on hackage 
In its source you ll find an example on how to use the api. You may of 
course use metaplug itself. I must warn you though that the GHC api is 
not the best documented and maintained. Currently (ghc 6.8.1) f.i. it 
seems that reloading modules is broken.
The most official docu is here:  

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