[Haskell-cafe] Re: Why purely in haskell?

jerzy.karczmarczuk at info.unicaen.fr jerzy.karczmarczuk at info.unicaen.fr
Mon Jan 14 20:22:38 EST 2008

Achim Schneider writes: 

> jerzy.karczmarczuk at info.unicaen.fr wrote: 
>> When math says that something is undefined, in my little brain I
>> understand that there is no answer. 

> Math doesn't say that something is undefined, but tells you that you
> did something that's illegal, i.e. impossible, in the system you're
> working with.

Yeah, sure. 

Thanks God, we have on this list a fellow who gets direct telephone calls
from her Majesty the Queen Mathematics. And knows better.
Go tell to all people who use the word 'undefined' in math that they are
stupid. At least, more stupid than you. 


Jerzy Karczmarczuk 

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