[Haskell-cafe] [IETF Apps meeting] A Theory of Templating Languages

Mario Blazevic mblazevic at stilo.com
Mon Jan 14 10:18:39 EST 2008

>> I did find one paper that makes a start at such work, "Enforcing
>> Strict Model-View Separation in Template Engines",
>> but the theory is a little weak and it focuses on the nebulous idea of
>> separation of model and view, as opposed to
>> a classification of capabilities and limitations.

	When I did the research for my template engine paper, that was also the 
most theoretically-inclined paper I could find. In fact, it was almost 
the only paper focusing on template languages. That entire area, of 
considerable importance in practice, seems to be completely ignored by 
computer science.

	 My own work was more on the practical side, but its first section may 
be of some interest for its (sadly informal) pointing out of 
relationships between template engines and functional programming. The 
paper and the slides can be found at:


	Good luck.

Mario Blazevic
mblazevic at stilo.com
Stilo Corporation

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