[Haskell-cafe] Re: Solving a geometry problem with Haskell

Achim Schneider barsoap at web.de
Sat Jan 12 18:42:24 EST 2008

"Rafael Almeida" <almeidaraf at gmail.com> wrote:

> [perfect square problem]

most of this is shamelessly stolen from

(^!) :: Num a => a -> Int -> a
(^!) x n = x^n
isSquare :: Integer -> Bool
isSquare n =
   let newtonStep x = div (x + div n x) 2
       iters = iterate newtonStep $ truncate $ sqrt $ fromIntegral n
       isRoot r  =  r^!2 <= n && n < (r+1)^!2
       root =  head $ dropWhile (not . isRoot) iters
   in root^!2 == n

*Main> isSquare (2^1024)
*Main> isSquare (2^1024+1)
*Main> isSquare (2^1024-1)
*Main> isSquare (2^2^16)

the last one take a bit less than 20 secs on my pc. And 2^2^16 is a
number that takes at least an hour to pronounce.

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