[Haskell-cafe] Next PDXFunc Meeting (Portland/Oregon FP Group): Monday, January 14, 7pm, CubeSpace

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Jan 11 13:46:09 EST 2008

Join us at the next meeting of pdxfunc, the Portland Functional 
Programming Study Group, on Monday, 14th January, at CubeSpace.


We'll have presentations, demos and discussions. We welcome programmers
interested in all functional languages and our meetings have content for
coders of all skill levels.  If interested, please also subscribe to our
mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/pdxfunc


(1) Justin Bailey: Exploring Haskell's space and time profiling tools

A presentation on the space and time profiling tools available for GHC 
Haskell, featuring slides and interactive demos. Heap profiling tools 
and methods will be discussed, along with a demonstration of how to use 
them to detect a space leak. Time profiling tactics will be covered 
using "cost-centre" annotations to help select candidates for 
optimization. Recommendations will be given on how to read the "Core" 
language with an eye for optimization.

Justin Bailey (jgbailey at gmail.com) has been programming professionally 
for 12 years, and is currently a Computer Science master's student at 
Portland State University. Until 2006, he coded exclusively with 
object-oriented languages like Java and C#, but then discovered Haskell 
and hasn't looked back. He's released a Haskell library for building 
command-line applications called HCL, made contributions to several 
other Haskell libraries, and continues to hack Haskell every day he can.

(2) Iavor Diatchki: Writing parsing combinators with Haskell

A presentation on parsing combinators, given as a hands-on demonstration 
for developing a small library to parse JSON data using Haskell. The 
entire process will be shown from scratch, starting with defining the 
concept of JSON values, using pretty-printer combinators to turn values 
into strings, and finally using parser combinators to turn strings into 

Iavor S. Diatchki is an engineer at Galois Inc., where he uses 
functional programming for the development of high assurance software. 
Iavor obtained his PhD degree in 2007. His research focused on various 
aspect of using functional languages for the development of low-level 
systems software such as OS kernels.

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