[Haskell-cafe] Re: Not to load Prelude

Richard Kelsall r.kelsall at millstream.com
Fri Jan 11 11:49:05 EST 2008

Maurí­cio wrote:
>  >> Is it possible not to load Prelude (...)
>  >(...) NoImplicitPrelude is more aggressive
>  > than 'import Prelude()'. You will have to
>  > look elsewhere for a better explanation of
>  > the difference.
> I tried google and ghc homepage, but could
> not find “elsewhere” :) Can you give me a
> link or somewhere to start from?

I often find it easier, rather than doing a full Google search,
to start with a "Search haskell.org" on the front page here


This is a Google site search of *.haskell.org/*

But ignore the type-in search box and button at the top of the front
page - they don't work properly.


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