[Haskell-cafe] Type Mismatch

Cetin Sert cetin.sert at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 07:56:37 EST 2008


I'm new to Haskell programming and have the following problem.


(|>) f g = g f

data Stream a where
   S :: (s -> Step s a) -> s -> Stream a

data Step s a = Done | Yield a s | Skip a s

toStream :: [a] -> Stream a
toStream ax = S step ax  where
   step [] = Done
   step (a:ax) = Yield a ax

fromStream :: Stream a -> [a]
fromStream (S step s) = loop s  where
   loop s = case step s of
              Done       -> []
              Skip  a s' -> loop s'
              Yield a s' -> a : loop s'

filterStream :: (a -> Bool) -> Stream a -> Stream a filterStream p (S step s) = S filter s  where
   filter s = case step s of
                Done       -> Done
                Skip  a s' -> Skip a s'
                Yield a s' -> if p a then Yield a s'
                                     else Skip  a s'

mapStream :: (a -> b) -> Stream a -> Stream b mapStream f (S step s) = S map s  where
   map s = case step s of
             Done       -> Done
             Skip  a s' -> Skip  (f a) s'
             Yield a s' -> Yield (f a) s'

class Streamable a where
  to :: a -> Stream a
instance Streamable [a] where
  to = toStream                       -- ERROR: see below

s f x = x |> toStream |> f |> fromStream

smap x = s (mapStream x)
sfilter x = s (filterStream x)

(%) a b = mod a b

main = do
	print ([0..20] |> sfilter (\x -> x % 2 == 0))

Error	1	Couldn't match expected type `a' (a rigid variable)        against inferred type `[a]'   `a' is bound by the instance declaration at C:\Users\Sert\Lab\Haskell\HaskellApp1\HaskellApp1\src/Main.hs:63:0   Expected type: [a] -> Stream [a]   Inferred type: [[a]] -> Stream [a] In the expression: toStream In the definition of `to': to = toStream	C:\Users\Sert\Lab\Haskell\HaskellApp1\HaskellApp1\src\Main.hs	64	8	

How can I make the types match so that I can declare lists streamable? Is there something like in-place type annotations as in ML/OCaml/F#?

Best Regards,
Cetin Sert


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