[Haskell-cafe] Wikipedia on first-class object

jerzy.karczmarczuk at info.unicaen.fr jerzy.karczmarczuk at info.unicaen.fr
Sun Jan 6 16:31:31 EST 2008

Derek Elkins writes: 

> Jonathan Cast wrote:
>> I find the term `declarative' to be almost completely meaningless.
> I was originally thinking of having the final sentence: "There are no
> clear, accepted meanings for any of these terms."

Clear, no.
Accepted, yes. 

Let Jonathan Cast repeat that statement to people who organise conferences
on Declarative Programming, or those who assembled: 

(or http://foldoc.org/foldoc.cgi?declarative+language) 

I can't see what is the purpose of all your argument... 

Jerzy Karczmarczuk 

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