[Haskell-cafe] Refactoring status

C.M.Brown cmb21 at kent.ac.uk
Thu Jan 3 14:11:18 EST 2008

> Cool! I'll check it out. However, I'm using some GHC extensions, so that
> indeed a show stopper :)

Which extensions are you using that are not Haskell 98? I would be very
interested to know what users would generally require from a refactorer.

> > You mean a syntax-directed editor, right?
> Yes, but also that a compiler should directly read the syntax tree; the
> frontend part of the compiler should really be the editor, providing
> round-trip editing between text <-> AST. Nothing new really, I used to
> with a 6502 assembler on the Commodore 64 that did exactly that :)

I agree with Neil, AST editors are generally ugly and hard to use. There
is also the problem of laying out Haskell code. Everyone uses their own
layout style and pretty printing ASTs is generally a bad thing to do in
this context.


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