[Haskell-cafe] ANN / CFP - LLVM bindings for Haskell

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Thu Jan 3 13:44:18 EST 2008

> This is an early release of Haskell bindings for the popular LLVM
> compiler infrastructure project.
> If you don't know what LLVM is, it's a wonderful toybox of compiler
> components, from a complete toolchain supporting multiple architectures
> through a set of well-defined APIs and IR formats that are designed for
> building interesting software with.
> The official LLVM home page is here:
>   http://llvm.org/
> The Haskell bindings are based on Gordon Henriksen's C bindings.  The C
> bindings are almost untyped, but the Haskell bindings re-add type safety
> to prevent runtime crashes and general badness.
> Currently, the entire code generation system is implemented, with most
> LLVM data types supported (notably absent are structs).  Also plugged in
> is JIT support, so you can generate code at runtime from Haskell and run
> it immediately.  I've attached an example.
> Please join in the hacking fun!
>   darcs get http://darcs.serpentine.com/llvm
> If you want a source tarball, fetch it from here:
>   http://darcs.serpentine.com/llvm/llvm-0.0.2.tar.gz

Woot. More codegen fun!

> (Hackage can't host code that uses GHC 6.8.2's language extension names
> yet.)

{-# LANGUAGE XYZ #-} pragmas? If so, I'm pretty sure they're 
supported, since xmonad uses them, and is on hackage.

-- Don

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