[Haskell-cafe] Refactoring status

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Thu Jan 3 13:13:27 EST 2008

Hi all,


Is any work being done on Haskell refactoring support, like HaRe or others? 


Is anyone actively using refactoring? When using C#, I used Resharper a lot,
and ever since, I'm really hooked to refactoring, so I miss it a lot when
doing Haskelling. (I never seem to get a function name or signature right
the first time. is it just me? J)


I'm currently using Emacs with Haskell Mode (which does not offer
refactoring support) but I think many of you use VIM (which does support


Can one use refactoring outside of an editor? This does not really sound
practical,  but maybe it works?


Thank you,



PS: IMHO I don't think text should be the source format of our files. I
think we should use a standarized decorated AST as the source, from which we
can derive a textual (but also graphical) view and editor. Any comments on
that? J






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