[Haskell-cafe] Is there anyone out there who can translate C# generics into Haskell?

Nicholls, Mark Nicholls.Mark at mtvne.com
Thu Jan 3 04:55:23 EST 2008

I was thinking more along type classes....and then I was going to throw
some spanners in the works....



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Of course it depends what's inside the braces, and what you want to do
with it, but I'd be inclined to do something like this:


1) data IX a = IX { constructor :: Int -> a, ... }

2) data IX a b = IX { constructor :: Int -> b, func :: a -> b, ... }

3) data IX a b = IX { iy :: IY a, ... }

4) data IX a b = IX { iz :: IZ b, iy :: IY a, ... }


Can you specify more clearly what the goal of the conversion is?  If you
want "OO" style behavior the thing that is most important is existential


  -- ryan


On 1/2/08, Nicholls, Mark <Nicholls.Mark at mtvne.com> wrote: 

I'm trying to translate some standard C# constucts into Haskell... some
of this seems easy....



Interface IX


Interface IX<A>


Interface IX<A>
       Where A : IY


Interface IX<A> : IZ
       Where A : IY

I can take a punt at the first 2....but then it all falls apart
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