[Haskell-cafe] Consensus about databases / serialization

Steve Lihn stevelihn at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 11:23:13 EST 2008

I have started documenting the Database Wikibook, in particular, about
HDBC. It is still very rough at this time, but something is better
than nothing :-) If you want to add more content, certainly welcome!


On 1/2/08, Jeff Polakow <jeff.polakow at db.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I use HDBC for ODBC database access,
and HAppS as a web server. I am fairly happy with both. Here are some further
> > Finally some practical questions:

> > ·        regarding Haskell
and databases, the page http://haskell.
> org/haskellwiki/Libraries_and_tools/Database_interfaces describes
> few, but which are the ones that are stable and practical? Any user

> experiences?

> >

> HDBC is fairly stable (although its ODBC driver crashes
ghc 6.8 on windows). I think HSQL is similarly stable. Takusen offers a
slightly higher-level interface and some performance guarantees; it is
a nice system but lacks support for ODBC (supposedly this is in the works).
HaskelDB is probably the ideal database access system for Haskell, however
the distribution was in bad shape (no documentation, hard to compile, etc.)
the last I looked maybe 6 months ago.

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