[Haskell-cafe] "Wrong kind" when attempting to build a monad for a circular list of functions

Aaron Altman aaltman at pdx.edu
Thu Feb 28 02:28:03 EST 2008

Hi everybody.  I'm working towards a better understanding of Haskell 
monads the only way I know how: by working through an example.

I am working on an AI agent that will perform a finite series of actions 
before starting the sequence over again.  I figured a circular list of 
functions that shifts as you apply them would be the way to do it.  Here 
is my test code:


import Control.Monad

runActionAndIterate :: [a -> a] -> a -> (a, [a -> a])
runActionAndIterate (currentAction:actionList) actionInput = 
(currentAction actionInput, concat [actionList, [currentAction]])

shiftActionList :: [a -> a] -> [a -> a]
shiftActionList (currentHead:rest) = concat [rest, [currentHead]]

newtype CircularFuncList funcList arg = CircularFuncList (funcList -> 
arg -> (arg, funcList))

instance Monad (CircularFuncList funcList arg) where
  return a = CircularFuncList (\funcList a -> (a, funcList))
  CircularFuncList currentFuncList currentArg >>= argTransform =
    let result = argTransform $ (head currentFuncList) currentArg
        newFuncList = map argTransform $ shiftActionList currentFuncList
    in CircularFuncList newFuncList result


I get an error that CircularFuncList funcList arg has kind * while Monad 
is looking for * -> *.  This is a first attempt so it may be I'm a ways 
off from a monad that implements a circular list of functions.  That is 
the goal though.  What advice can you offer?


Aaron Altman

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